1690 Pics

This is the gallery for my growing collection of Warfare Miniatures units for the Glorious Revolution!

King James II

King William III

The Duke of Schomberg

The Duke of Wurttemberg

Lieutenant General Richard Hamilton

Lord Galmoy


Garden til Fods (Foot Guard)

Sjaellandske (Zealand)

Jyske (Jutland)

Fynske (Funen)

 Juel's Regiment

von Donop's Regiment

Sehested's Regiment


Garde te Voet (Blue Guard) 1st Battalion

Garde te Voet (Blue Guard) 2nd Battalion




Williamite Artillery


Sir John Hanmer's Regiment


De La Meloniere
Duke of Schomberg

Jacobite Irish

Royal Foot Guards, 1st Battalion

Earl of Clanrickarde's Regiment

Sir Eustace's Regiment

Earl of Clancarty's Regiment

Irish Militia Regiment

The Lifeguard of King James II

Earl of Tyrconnel's Regiment

Lord Clare's Dragoons (on foot)

Lord Dongan's Dragoons (on foot)

Williamite Irish

Wolseley’s Enniskillen Horse (1st Squadron)

Wolseley's Enniskillen Horse (2nd Squadron)


  1. Excellent!

    These pictures may well kickstart my own stalled Glorious Revolution project. It would be a shame to stop at the ten battalions I have so far, but so much to do, so little time.....


  2. These are marvellous, Clarence.


    1. Thanks, Jim! More on the way... second battalion of Dutch Guards is finished and awaiting photography and I've started on the Brandenburg battalion, but I've started on the horse and have been sort of working back and forth. My initial goal for the Williamites is 12 battalions of foot and 4 squadrons of horse. For the Jacobites I am planning 6 battalions of foot, 6 squadrons of horse, and 4 squadrons of dragoons (mounted and on foot). The artillery elements will be generic with mostly red or grey coated crew so I can use them for either side. Assuming I ever reach these goals, I want to add more cavalry to the Williamites and a French brigade to the Jacobites...

  3. that is some collection you have built there Pal. Much impressed!

  4. These are brilliantly done - thanks for posting these pics. Don't think my painting will ever be so good. I'm prepping a Boyne game myself (and I'll be nicking some references from your paint schemes mate if you don't mind :) )